Daikon & Ninjin Sunomono (Japanese Radish & Carrot Salad) | Oshogatsu Food (Japanese New Year)

If you’ve been reading my blog the past few weeks, the good news is that my ‘foodie funk’ got a good kick in the tush this past week. The bad news is that even though I’m back to cooking more than just tacos, the more dishes I cook, the further behind I’ll be on my food posts and I’m already quite behind. I know what you’re all thinking…

My problem could easily be solved if I just posted more than one item per week! Lately, that hasn’t been very easy for me. I’m still working on Bebe E’s album (I just completed her 7 month old photos – – – yay for progress!) and what little downtime I have is spent on family, domestic responsibilities, and much needed rest and SLEEP. Priorities, priorities! We’ve also been more social than usual given the summer season and I must admit to being tired from too much ‘play time’. Yesterday we were breaking in one of the WLA girls’ new pool and we had a great time watching all the kids and little babies enjoy the water. If you’re reading this, thanks, Pocahontas and Mr. Pocahontas for having us over, and also for the lovely garden tour! :)

Anyway, when I cooked for our friend last week, I realized that my foodie funk dissipates when I cook comfort food, which is basically anything Japanese. Japanese food brings out my foodie groove. (Does that sound dorky, or what?) Thank you, Mrs. Sensei for motivating me! 

A good friend of ours happened to be visiting from Japan and joined us at a party last weekend. She is a native to the states but resides in Japan and we’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to see her at least once per year. The family made plans to have lunch with her last Tuesday and when we asked her what she would like to eat, she surprised me by telling me that she enjoys my blog and that she would like to cook with me and/or watch me cook.

Yikes! Seriously?!?

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Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful extended 4th of July weekend! We had a fun-filled weekend, but a busy one!  Bebe E’s friend celebrated her 1st birthday, we went to two BBQ’s on the 4th, we finally rented and watched The Blind Side, and I went out with a few girlfriends to see Eclipse on Saturday night (a rare night out past 9 PM without my family) and I’m still hurting from getting home much too late. Does that date me?!?

Some of you might be disappointed to discover that I have read ALL the books in the Twilight series. Let’s blame this on the fact that I was on bed rest for several months and had nothing better to do and was curious to find out what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, I am very critical of the author’s writing, and I am even more critical of the first two movies of the series and the talent of the actors but I’m addicted in some sick way. I rented the first two movies through Redbox for only $1.00 each, and I wouldn’t have wanted to pay any more than that! Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed watching Eclipse and I didn’t feel like I wasted my money! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I am looking forward to seeing the next movie in the series!

Let’s change the subject! :P

One of my latest projects is cleaning out our freezer by cooking everything that’s in there (and I should mention that I’m refraining from buying more until it’s mostly all gone). Unfortunately, Bebe Dada will attest to the fact that I probably have at least 7 – 8 different “projects” going on at once, all of which I officially announce to him with a psuedo level of urgency. Most all of my projects revolve around organization and cleaning which is likely an unfortunate result of my neat-freak-gene. Continue reading