Kurogoma Aisukurimu | Black Sesame Ice Cream


Did you know that in Japanese, ice cream is known as “ice cream” or more accurately, “aisukurimu”? It’s ice cream pronounced with a Japanese accent, “eye-sue-coo-reem-mu”. Does this mean that black sesame ice cream in Japanese could potentially be, “boo-lack-oo say-sah-me eye-sue-coo-reem-mu”? At this point, I’m fairly certain my bilingual English-Japanese friends who are reading this are saying to themselves, “Judy, You are such a dork!” Heh. :P Anyway, the proper Japanese translation of black sesame ice cream is kurogoma aisukurimu. Kuro means black and goma means sesame, hence kurogoma = black sesame.

Kurogoma is believed to have a host of health benefits which is why this ice cream was likely very popular in Japan for a while. (Yes, yet another Japanese fad.) It is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus,copper, iron and calcium. Continue reading

Lakers GOLD Mango Sorbet – Game 6

Lakers ROCK!!!  The Lakers took Game 6 of the Finals against the Celtics, 89 – 67, and tied the series 3 – 3, keeping the dream alive and getting us to Game 7 on home court.  Thank you, Lakers!  Thank you SO much for not letting us down!!!!!

I must also thank the Lakers for maintaining a significant lead during the entirety of the game because this kept my stress level at a minimum.  This was a HUGE relief after an anguishing day filled with tumultuous emotions.  Yes, friends… my Lakers neurosis was back in full-force yesterday. I started my day still feeling very disappointed and depressed over Sunday’s Game 5 loss and my heart was heavy. I didn’t want the Lakers season to end last night with the Celtics taking the championship. Other times throughout the day, I had moments of sheer positivity and strongly believed the Lakers would win big that night and take us to Game 7.  All day my emotions swung from one end of the pendulum to the other… but my bipolar-Lakers-neurosis was only the beginning.

I found myself driving Big Onechan to swim team practice in the late afternoon and suddenly realized I was wearing a teal cami underneath my shirt – OH NO! I quickly announced that I HAD to change as soon as I got home because teal is too close to the color GREEN – Celtics green, that is. (I am certain Big Onechan secretly tells her friends at swim that I am neurotic – LOL).  When I got home, I changed into a lavender shirt (close enough to Lakers purple), then I set-off to hunt down Bebe E’s Lakers onesie.  Knowing the game was about to start in half-an-hour, I frantically dug through her clothes in the drier and found nothing.

CONFESSION #1: I am still behind on bebe laundry.  (Ok, ok… I am still behind on everyone’s laundry.)  I only did one of two bebe loads and of course all three of her Lakers’ onesies were in the second load that was still sitting in her dirty laundry hamper.  For a split second I wondered if I could wash and dry her onesie in 1/2 an hour – nope, wasn’t going to happen. Oh well, we’d have to settle for the pink Winnie the Pooh onesie she was already wearing.

My Lakers neurosis doesn’t stop there.  It gets worse. Continue reading