Pear Puree & Laguna Beach

View from the top of the bluff  at Laguna Beach.

It’s been a very looooong time since I’ve posted food that I made for Bebe E. One of the reasons why I rarely post my homemade baby food is because it’s basically pureed organic fruits or veggies and honestly, it’s pretty boring stuff. Over the past several months, however, I’ve been taking photos of the food I made for Bebe E, thinking that one day I would write about it.

Well, that day is finally here.

Our friends recently had a baby boy and my girlfriend was asking about some of the homemade baby food that I brought to our get together and she mentioned that one day she would look-up my baby food on my blog and I thought to myself, “Hmm, I better start posting more of my baby food before her baby boy is old enough to start eating solids!”

So here we go.

In order to make Bebe E’s pureed food more interesting, with every homemade baby food that I post, I will start by sharing with you one of our outings or an event! Doesn’t that sound exciting! (Ok, I know I’m pushing it here.)  Continue reading


Zucchini Puree

I love zucchini, but pureed zucchini is something I never would have thought to make for bebe E.

According to “The Baby & Toddler Cookbook“, zucchini is a natural first food for babies because of it’s tender texture and very mild flavor.  In addition, it’s thin skin makes it easy to prepare and easy for baby to digest.

Because bebe E will eat the skin of the zucchini, I felt it was important to buy organic.

So far, my bebe has been a great eater, and there hasn’t been a veggie that she hasn’t liked.  However, just in case, I only bought one zucchini to determine whether or not she’ll continue on this path of being a good, non-picky eater. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Puree

For the last 2 months I’ve been buying sweet potatoes with red skin, hoping to find vibrant, orange flesh on the inside.  The past 3 times I purchased sweet potatoes for bebe E, I’ve been disappointed to find whitish yellowy-green flesh.

There’s been some confusion in our family about the difference between sweet potatoes and yams.  We always believed yams were different from sweet potatoes and had red skin and orange flesh, and sweet potatoes were strictly tubers with pale yellow or dark yellowish skin with white flesh.  We were wrong.

It turns out that what we thought were yams are actually sweet potatoes.  The dark orange to reddish skin tuber with vibrant orange flesh is a sweet potato.

So what are yams?   Continue reading

Sweet Pea Puree

Pureed peas are one of bebe E’s favorite green veggies and we go through a 1 pound bag of frozen organic peas in about 2 weeks.

Peas are legumes and are rich in protein and fiber.  They also contain high amounts of iron and vitamin C.  We should all eat more peas!

Today was a rainy day and a perfect day to stay indoors and stock-up on some of bebe E’s homemade favorites.  We’re almost finished with the 6 month foods section of “The Baby & Toddler Cookbook” from Williams and Sonoma.

Like all of bebe E’s homemade baby food, the recipe and preparation is simple.  This tastes really good too, no wonder bebe E loves her peas. Continue reading

Carrot Puree

I am continuing my mission to cook through “The Baby & Toddler Cookbook” I found at Williams and Sonoma.

Carrots are listed as an example of a yellow-orange veggie that is rich in vitamin A for healthy eyes and skin. Vitamin A also helps to fight infection.  I’m glad bebe E loves her pureed carrots.  :)

I bought these organic carrots at Albertson’s out of convenience.  I usually buy them at H-mart, Whole Foods, or the farmer’s market which tend to have better quality produce than Albertson’s but bebe E could care less where her carrots are coming from as long as she gets to eat them.

Like all of bebe E’s food, I store them in 2 oz Baby Cubes and I keep one or two in the fridge and the rest I freeze.  These are frozen yet the carrots are still so vibrant and fresh-looking.

Today we’re going to the flower fields in Carlsbad with bachan (grandma) and ojichan (grandpa) and we’ll take one of these for bebe E’s lunch.  :) Continue reading

Banana Mash

Bebe E loves mashed bananas and it is such a nutritious and fresh first fruit (tongue twister?) for babies.

I buy organic bananas although I know that the peel is thick enough to protect the flesh from harmful whatever-bad-is-out-there.  I found that these tend to be a bit smaller than non-organic bananas, but they’re perfect for bebe E.  One banana is equal to approximately 3 servings for bebe E.

I cut up 1/3 of the banana into her BPA-free bowl (yes, I am all about the hype for NO BPA for bebe) and mash it until it is close to a purée but with little banana chunks that are easy for bebe E to practice chewing and swallow. Continue reading


I realized its been awhile since I posted any homemade bebe food.

I’ve actually been quite busy making different types of food for bebe E since I ordered more Baby Cubes, but perhaps I’ve avoided posting these knowing that my audience is not vast.  :)

Seriously, who doesn’t love applesauce – baby’s, kids, and even grownups?!?  Maybe I’m one of the few adults that likes to eat applesauce, and not just when it’s served with a good pork chop.  I think it’s a great snack or good breakfast accompaniment.

For bebe E, I started out with 2 large organic Fuji apples from the local Korean market, H-Mart, and ended up with 16 2 oz Baby Cubes of fresh, homemade, pesticide-free applesauce.

She loves it.  :) Continue reading